LMPFS – Is a 5 tournament progressive series.
The series will include tournaments in Michigan City IN, St Joseph MI, Grand Haven MI Ludington MI and Holland MI.

┼×coring – Scores are earned by the finish position from any entered tournaments.
ex. Finish 1st = 1 point Finish 10th = 10 points The Champion will have the lowest score after competing in three tournaments. Each boat is allowed to fish in up to 5 tournaments with the three best scores counted.

Entry -The cost to enter is $500 for the first three events. 4 or 5ch tournament entry will be $200 per event. LMPFS entry fees will not be refunded. Entry will be paid at the tournament captains meetings or on the host registration form.

Rules – Host tournament rules must be followed and host results are final for scoring the LMPFS

Boat – Boats can be manned by different captains and or crew members but the entered boat
accumulates the points. Boat changes can be reviewed by the LMPFS committee for special exceptions.

Payout – Payout will be 100% of all entry money along with sponsorship money over operating cost.
Proposed 1st = 40% 2nd = 30% 3rd – 20% 4th = 10% The LMPFS reserves the right to adjust payout percentages

Big Fish – The LMPFS will also score a progressive Big Fish from the five events.
Big fish rules will follow the host tournament scoring Payouts will be based on the biggest fish not by species

Entry┬á– Entry to the big fish division will be $150 for the first three events fished
4th or 5th event entry will be $50 per event

Payout – All money received for entry along with big fish sponsor money will be paid out.
Ex 15 = 40% 20 = 30% 3rd = 20% 4th = 10%